Where Culture meets Luxury

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Dalaan resort is an enchanting escape from the mundane and boasts luxury and elegance through its restaurant, entertainment and sun-drenched lawns. Nestled in the culture-rich city of Darbhanga, Bihar, the 10 acre land has exquisite rooms and suites
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Darbhanga translates to the Gateway to Bengal and is also known as the Heart of Mithilanchal. The birthplace of Sita from Ramayan, it is world-famous for its heritage of religious and historical importance. It is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and beaches. The Mithila region is now divided between India and Nepal. Seven major rivers flow through Mithila – Mahananda, Gandak, Bagmati, Kamala, Balan, Budhi Gandak and Koshi.

Mithila was widely known as the Videha Kingdom. During the vedic period, Videha was the confluence of India’s politics and culture, including Kuru and Panchala. The kings were called Janakas – yes, Sita’s father was King Janak. 

The rulers of Raj Darbhanga were Maithil Brahmins and promoted the Maithil culture. The charming Mabhubani or Mithila painting was a creation of this region. This land is culture rich and worth exploring. 

Dalaan Resort is the brainchild of Dr. Mridul Shukla, Managing Director of Rose The Medicity & I.B.SMRITI Hospital. It is a well known healthcare management company in northern Bihar.  His passion to create a hub of luxury in the heart of Darbhanga is how the idea of Dalaan Resort came about. This vision comes from a place of love for the land he has lived on, for so many years.